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Order Your Food From Your Favourite Restaurants Using Our Foodie App

Foodie App is new age mobile app, Provides an easy and enjoyable user experience in Food ordering. Ensures in improvement and Customer satisfaction thru interactive order process. Allows customers place order directly to the restaurant.

Improved the efficiency of the restaurant operations. Eliminates the necessity of printing Menu cards. Advantage of having dynamic menu offers a excellent experience to customer



Dine-In option gives customers a perfect dinning experience. Customers no need to wait for the server or waiter. Customers can directly order their food by clicking the Dine-In option in the Foodie App. They will get the menu list on their mobile by scanning the QR code which will be placed on each dinning table using App. So, They can order whatever food they likes easily.


Customers can take away their ordered food to eat at home or elsewhere. Customers no need to spend much time in queue to order their food. They can directly order their food by clicking the Take-Away option in the Foodie App. They will get the menu list on their mobile by scanning the QR code which will be placed on each Take-Away store using the Foodie App.


Customer no need to spent much time in restaurant. They can order thier food while traveling to the Restaurant. As soon as the customer reaches the restaurant, Customer will get the food.Customer can order their food from the Foodie App by clicking the Remote Order option. Customer will get the estimated time to receive their food. So, Customer can go to the restaurant according to the estimated time.


Being on a hectic schedule, people may not get enough time to go out for food. They may be quite busy with their personal or office work. So, Customers can directly open Foodie App. Order their favourite food easily by clicking Home Delivery option. The delivery person will deliver the food to the customer's address directly.

Drive Thru

Customer can Drive Up to avail themself of the Services and continue on their way without even leaving the comfort of their car. Customer no need to come out of the car to order their food. They can order through ourFoodie App by clicking Drive-Thru option.

Food Court

Customers visiting food courts now can enjoy their favorite food without worrying about the long Ques. Customer scan the QR codes placed on the prominent places can place orders to their favorite restaurants and wait for the confirmation message on their mobile. Once the food is ready customer receive alerts on their mobile to collect the food. Foodie App makes the food court experience more memorable and enjoyable.

Key Features

Kitchen Order System

Clean and informative Kitchen Order System will increase productivity of our kitchen, it's also reduces errors.

Tablet Ordering

When our waiter took order with tablet, it does not only seems premium but also save floor time of staff that can be used towards better guest experience.

Mobile Ordering

With Mobile Ordering application customer can order, KOTs will be generated, waiter or manager can see that order and add items on that order. It brings more time to staff for better guest service.

Table management

Arrangement of table can be set on screen as on floor by drag and drop for better visual understanding.

Fast and secure

We know the value of consistence and security. With industry level security our cloud are ready to bring you fast and secure experience.

Stock Management

With easy purchase, sales, garbage and transfer entries all stock can be managed efficiently using various stock reports.

Multiple restaurant with multiple kitchen

Facilities with more than one kitchen and/or restaurant can manage all kitchen and restaurant from same screen. Cross kitchen ordering can be done when needed.

Advanced level of access layer

Multiple level of access allows to manage authority and decide responsibility, which leads to less errors.


Full featured accounting is integrated with our software. Track your accounts or make adjustments, all at one place.

Reservation by application

One can also reserve a table from mobile using our application for your restaurant.

Customers Display Screen

Waiting customers can see their order status on the customers display screen. when the customers order is ready customers can go and pick the food, inself service Restaurants.

Cloud POS

Our cloud POS helps to select items visually by category and sub-category support multiple payment option like cash, credit card, debit card and e-wallets.

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